Planning your community event

Australia Day is driven by hundreds of community events that take place across the nation, generating immense community spirit and bringing people together.

Below are a range of resources to support and guide you through planning and delivery of your event.

Brand Kit

Preview image for Brand Kit

Download the Australia Day logos and brand guidelines. These are large format logos suitable for print.

Event Ideas

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Brainstorm ways to create events that engage a range of people, what they would value, what they would enjoy.

Engaging with youth

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Young people are very active participants in Australia Day. Here's some ideas to get them involved in your community events.

Inclusive events

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Australia is a dynamic, and multicultural nation. It’s important to reflect this in the way we celebrate Australia Day.


Preview image for Sponsorship

Sponsorship provides key support for Australia Day celebrations, making a difference to the shape and scale of your event.

Risk Management

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Learn how to identify risks and outcomes and take steps to control their consequences when planning a community event.


Preview image for Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in many community events, including Australia Day.


Preview image for Merchandise

A wide range of Australian themed products and clothing are available to purchase online through Aussie Merchandise.


Preview image for Research

Research your local community to create an Australia Day event that is right for them.