In the spirit of mutual respect and understanding, NADC Chairman Ben Roberts - Smith VC MG, gave his 2016 National Australia Day Message to an audience of cultural community groups at the Byran Brown Theatre Bankstown. The theme of the 2016 message was harmony, diversity, and unitying as a nation this Australia Day, as Ben spoke of the importance of actively understanding each other. In his address Ben encourages all Australians to join a national converstaion around human dignity, diversity and equality that we can all share. 

The full version of Ben Roberts - Smith's National Australia Day Message is available here

“Diversity is founded in difference and yet when people come together so many similarities intersect.”
Ben Roberts - Smith VC MG
“There is ample evidence in the benefits of diversity of experiences, talents and backgrounds. It makes us adaptable, more creative, more productive, and better citizens.”
Ben Roberts - Smith VC MG
“We’re different because of our gender, our origins, our ethnicity, our culture, our sexual orientation, age, values, politics, abilities, our likes and dislikes. That’s what diversity is.”
Ben Roberts - Smith VC MG
Ben Roberts-Smith full Australia Day message