Gwen Egg(Tasmania)

Environmentalist and Tasmanian Local Hero 2013

Gwen Egg

Attending event:

Location: Franklin, Tasmania, Australia

"Breakfast by the River" in Franklin

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Gwen Egg established Southern Beaches Landcare/Coastcare to try to minimise the impact of residential development in her coastal neighbourhood.

A passionate and practical environmentalist, Gwen has been involved in Landcare for 25 years, working with her community and land managers to create strategies and management plans for council and coastal reserves. Gwen was the group’s convenor for its first 15 years and now, as its secretary, is still a guiding force in its work which she encourages to be strategic, informed and collaborative.

Gwen’s approach has led to strong partnerships with government, natural resource management bodies, community groups, schools and the public. A well-known fibre artist and teacher, she understands that the future of the environment lies with the young.

Gwen uses her art to raise environmental awareness, sharing the Landcare ethic through residencies, workshops, festivals and exhibitions. Her achievements and commitment were recognised when she was awarded the 2012 Tasmanian Individual Landcarer Award.