Dana Faletic(Tasmania)

National and Olympic rower and medalist

Dana Faletic

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Location: New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia

Derwent Valley Council Australia Day Celebrations

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Dana is a two times Olympian and proud mum of two children. She has won a World Championship gold medal in 2003, a bronze medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004, but it is being part of the crew that reached fourth place in the 2012 London Olympics as a mum to a three year old boy that is her proudest sporting achievement. Dana believes that whenever she has represented Australia she has represented Tasmania even more passionately.

Since her retirement from Rowing, Dana works part-time in the Tasmanian Government and is a volunteer in a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide opportunities and a representative voice for the participation of women and girls in sport and recreation in Tasmania. Her experience being an elite athlete with her priority focused on training and competition, and now being a mum, Dana wants to help Tasmanians to better value the participation and contribution of women in sport and recreation.