Rebecca Cuthill(Tasmania)

Save the Tasmanian Devil Fundraiser and International Humanitarian Law Advocate

Rebecca Cuthill

Rebecca was born and raised in Launceston and attended Scotch Oakburn College and the University of Tasmania. After completing her degree she moved to Canberra where she did a post graduate degree in Communications.
A graduate traineeship with SBS TV led to a memorable five years working with the broadcaster. After a short stint with the BBC in London, Rebecca moved to The Hague in the Netherlands. For the next ten years Rebecca worked for the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). She worked in the media office during the arrest and transfer of Slobodan Milošević to the court.
For nearly seven years Rebecca worked in the Tribunal’s Outreach program - dedicated to reaching out to those people most affected by war crimes and communicating the work of the Tribunal to the public.
One of Rebecca’s highlights during this time was her involvement in a series of conferences held across the former Yugoslavia to explain the work and decisions made by the court to the communities affected. Rebecca travelled (often with heavy security) to still fractured townships such as Prijdedor and Foča, meeting with victims, war crimes deniers and perpetrators.
Since returning to Australia seven years ago, Rebecca has settled in Tasmania and for the last five years has been the Manager of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. The Appeal is administered through the University of Tasmania’s Foundation and is the official fundraising arm of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. The Appeal uses public donations to support devil vaccine research and cutting-edge conservation with the aim to keep the Tasmanian devil sustainable in the wild. In the past twelve months the Appeal has funded well over half a million dollars’ worth of projects from funds raised via public donations and corporate support.
In addition to fundraising and promoting ways to overcome the plight facing the iconic Tasmanian devil, Rebecca has also spoken at a number of Red Cross and World Vision sponsored conferences about her experiences at the ICTY and the impact on victims and on wider issues of justice.