Posie Graeme-Evans(Tasmania)

Author and Television Producer

Posie Graeme-Evans

Posie Graeme-Evans has had a long and sucessful career in the Australian film and television industry and as a writer. Creating and producing television was her life story for a very long time, most notably McLeod’s Daughters and Hi-5. But since 2009, she has been a full time writer.
Now, living on her farm in Cygnet, Tasmania, Posie writes her books in a rebuilt Dairy, which was once home to 200 chooks.
New York based Simon & Schuster has published all six of Posie’s best-selling novels both in Australia and overseas, most recently Wild Wood in 2005. She is currently writing her seventh novel, The Outer Sea, for publication in late 2016.
Posie notes her career highlights as becoming Director of Drama at the Nine Network, running her own production company with her husband, giving the Annual Investigator Lecture in Adelaide and being named by Variety Magazine as “one of the 20 Significant Women in Film and Television” in its annual worldwide survey, along with Meryl Streep.
What means the most to Posie is that she has been able to reach audiences all around the world with her work.