Australia Day

26 January 2015

86 days to go

Term & Conditions


The registered event creator is responsible for ensuring the information regarding your event is up to date and accurate. If the details of your event change, please ensure you amend your listing in a timely manner.


You, or your organisation must possess sufficient public liability cover if the project or event presents any risk to the public. Any other insurance requirements are the responsibility of your organisation.


By registering for the celebration event register you acknowledge that:

  • the NADC is under no obligation to accept events submitted and reserves the right to edit or decline any event;
  • the NADC may make changes to your listing;
  • the NADC has the right to suspend or terminate your event registration at any time;
  • the NADC has the right to decline your listing if the NADC decides that any decision, activity or representation you make (or intend to make) is contrary to the intentions and ideals of the NADC; and that 
  • no actual legal partnership is created between you and the NADC.


Personal details collected in the registration process will only be used to contact you about your listing and your listed event.