Australia Day

26 January 2015

92 days to go

Thousands of ways to celebrate this Australia Day

There are many ways to celebrate Australia Day, from participating in a public event, gathering with family and friends at home, or spending the day with a good Australian book and some classic Aussie music in the background.

However you mark our national day, take a moment to reflect on what you value about being Australian.

On Australia Day, celebrate in a way that suits you - here's some ideas to get you thinking about how you could spend Saturday January 26:

  • Find all the celebrations near you by visiting
  • Take a walk or picnic in your nearest National Park
  • Research your family tree to find out your own Australian history
  • Take part in an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony - many councils hold Affirmations along with Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Understand your region’s Aboriginal history and culture – find out more about the Indigenous Australians of your area and their customs
  • Volunteer to help at your local Australia Day celebrations
  • Wear clothes by Australian designers
  • Learn both verses of the national anthem (did you know the original version of Advance Australia Fair was written in 1878, but only officially proclaimed our national anthem in 1984?)
  • Cook something classically Australian to share - lamingtons, damper, pavlova, a hamburger with beetroot
  • Share a multicultural Aussie barbecue – invite your neighbours, especially those you’ve never met before and taste the many flavours that make up our nation
  • Join the SES or the Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Visit a community event that celebrates the great diversity of cultures in Australia and share in the influences they bring to our country
  • Ask the kids to draw their favourite thing about being Australian
  • Know someone who’s become an Australian citizen this year? Throw them a celebration BBQ!
  • Visit a rural area and take part in a country town's Australia Day celebrations
  • If you're spending the day at the beach build a sandcastle in the shape of an Australian map, a Kangaroo or Koala, Uluru, a Waratah, a Cockatoo or any Aussie symbol you like
  • Revisit our history - read a historic novel or visit your local museum
  • Say thanks to our community volunteers when you see them
  • Plant native flora in your garden - make sure it’s also native to your local area
  • Talk with your kids about famous Australians, and get them to kids dress up as their favourite.
  • Do you know your neighbours? Australia Day is the perfect day to say G'Day to those around you
  • Sit down with your parents or grandparents and record the story of how they grew up in Australia or how they came to Australia.
  • Nominate someone for the Australian of the Year Awards 2014 at
  • Held clean up your local area or environment - join a Landcare group to help save natural environments in crisis
  • Whatever you do, share it with us - post your photos and experiences with us on

For more information about Australia Day events around the nation, visit


For further media information or interviews with the National Australia Day Council contact:

Nicole Browne, Media Opps 02 9954 7677 OR 0414 673 762