Australia Day

26 January 2015

95 days to go

Opportunities for evaluation

There are many places or moments during and after events when you can collect feedback.  Here’s a couple of examples.

1. Survey at an event

• Conduct a survey or provide feedback forms during the event. Ask people what they liked about your event and what they think could be improved.
• If you have a monitor at the event, you can ask them to look at diversity of participants and estimate the types of people attending your event. (Monitors are employed to attend an event and to focus on specific elements. They are expected to observe, take notes and later provide a report to the organiser. Volunteers could be trained for this task.)
• If you do intend to conduct a survey, the venue or landowner should be consulted prior to the event. 
• Ask people attending the event if they know who the sponsors are. If large numbers of people associate the sponsor with the event, this will prove valuable when renegotiating sponsorships for the following year.

You must have your evaluation questions prepared and printed if you intend to hand them out for filling in at the event.

2. Debriefing

Casual debriefing

• You can engage in debriefing very casually at an event or in meeting places or walking home from an event.
• What is in fact a debriefing may appear to the participant simply a conversation and exchange of ideas. 
More formal debriefing
• To be of benefit, debrief (or organise someone to do it) as soon after the events as possible. 
• For a debrief meeting include as many people as possible who were involved in the event. This might include staff, regulatory authorities, volunteers, emergency services, etc.
• Invite participants to the debrief meeting well in advance of the proposed date so people have the date in their diaries.
• Circulate an agenda that covers the key areas for discussion (even if there are only a few questions).
• If you send the agenda/questions beforehand, people can prepare their feedback for the meeting.

3. Evaluation Sheet sent out/emailed to all key stakeholders

• You could send out an evaluation sheet to all key stakeholders (especially those who can’t attend the debrief).
• You could seek feedback from suppliers, performers, venue managers and security guards as well as those directly involved with coordinating the event.