Australia Day

26 January 2015

86 days to go

Guidelines for reports

You may like to consider writing a formal report about your Australia Day celebrations. This will be particularly useful if you are required to report back to your local council, sponsors or supporters. Each community and event is different, so every Australia Day report will be different. Here is a suggestion of how you might lay out a report, and a sample report. However, it is up to you to decide what elements you think we be most useful for you to include.

Australia Day Report template


The OVERVIEW Section focuses on context and organisation; on the ‘nuts and bolts’ features.

  • Australia Day Organiser’s objectives
  • Governance
  • Australia Day Program
  • budget and sponsorship


This PROGRAMS Section details programs and initiatives of the states or territories or the National Australia Day body.

List and brief account of programs, for example

  • Sports awards
  • Local Government Awards


The EVENTS section describes the local Australia Day events-name, place, time, atmosphere, scale. It describes the events that bring people together at the local level. 

Events specific to this community

  • Citizenship and Flag Raising
  • Australia Day lunch
  • List a brief account of event.


This section records the successes, changes and suggestions for future events and programs. List between 5 and 15 recommendations, depending on the scale of your event.