Australia Day

26 January 2015

96 days to go

Seeding ideas for events for young people

These seeding ideas:

  • are based on belief in Generation Y attributes
  • require differing levels of expertise
  • provide varying opportunities to harness possible likely skills and knowledge of young people
  • require varying degrees preparation
  • vary in level and type of resources and money needed
  • are adaptable for your community, your available resources, and your community of young people.

The ideas here are just 'seeds', providing the basis for further development into a program that might work for young people in your community.

Seeding idea one: Mobile phone films

This idea recognises the high level of mobile phone ownership among young people.

• Personal story-like a short diary entry
• Uses local 'real life/real time' images (you would need to make this clear in the guidelines for the films)
• Needs a specific theme
• Mobile films are very short, containing the time needed both for creation and viewing
• Could be a competition

• Stipulate that the film is edited 'in the camera' ( keeps process very simple-nothing needed but a mobile phone)
• Require inclusion of something Australian (e.g. an Australian flag)
• Could be tailored for local resources, community etc. (regarding the theme, time for production)

• Could be done individually, in school, or in community-based youth groups

Audience or presentation
• People like an audience
• It would probably be more satisfying if the films could be viewed by others
• Consider a special event for young people or a mobile phone film festival
• The films may be able to be stored in a web environment and be accessible via the web

Requirements-technical equipment
• For  personal production-just a mobile phone
• For community viewing: a projection facility would be needed, technical advice would be needed (e.g. on how to get the films on to a computer for ease of projection). the films could be loaded and stored in a web environment and be accessible via the web

• You would need to specify 'limits' for the films to ensure appropriate content and style-this may be a challenge but your group should be able to solve this
• You may need to ask for submission (and previewing) prior to any screening or posting on the web

Seeding idea two: 100 pre cent recycled Aussie t-shirt competition

This is designed to appeal to the environmentally conscious young person who is committed to recycling.

• T-shirt to feature at least two Australian images or objects or the word 'Aussie'
• T-shirt must not be a new one
• Does not have to be practical, washable or designed to last
• 'Decorations' could be made using appliqué, drawing, screening, hand painting, cut outs from posters etc.
• Should be wearable (even if it is only for one display)

• Options include fashion parade or display, local TV news item, exhibition in community space, creation of a 100% t-shirt fashion pamphlet
• May have a 'made by me, worn by me' agreement (only if a parade)

Judging and prizes
• No need for big prizes-the fun is the best reward
• The organisers may offer photo opportunity as the prize
• Framing of the 'best' t-shirt (such as is done with sports memorabilia) is a possibility
• Judges could be local identities (maybe young people)

• Used t-shirts could be donated
• Decorations on t-shirts also could be recycled items

Possible extra benefits for Australia Day organisers
• Could be great for subsequent promotion and for attracting young people
• The framing idea is a novelty which might be attractive to a local newspaper

Seeding idea three: A guide to Australian Indigenous bands

This is based on the appeal of music and bands for many young people and the opportunity for increased knowledge of Indigenous bands.

• Simple visuals and a heading
• Minimal description; a few key features listed
• Size dependent on knowledge and available resources
• Organisation of categories and structure of guide could be decided by young people

• Could be a basic printed document
• Could be posted on web (always get permission and check your sources)
• Could be published in community newsletters or newspapers

Using young people's skills
• Requires computer skills
• Involves research into music and simple publishing
• Builds on young people's sub cultural and specialist knowledge

Not necessarily a competition
• Could be a competition with publication as the prize
• Could be simply a resource for young people

• A tangible product with a practical use

Possible extra benefits for Australia Day organisers
• Could attract sponsorship for better quality publication
• Inclusive activity and may entice Indigenous young people to events
• May generate local media (especially radio) interest
• Could lead to other ideas e.g. Indie band guide, local band guide, music festival/band day?
Possible variations
• Guide to Youth Bands-groups identified by genre
• Guide to Youth bands-with members from at least three different countries of origin