Australia Day

26 January 2015

283 days to go

Mohammed Alam

Mohammed Shabbir Alam came to Australia in 2004 as an international student with a view to complete his studies in Business & Management and also to become an Australian. While he was studying, he joined Red Cross and State Emergency Service (SES) as a volunteer. Since then he has shown a great deal of compassion and care towards the community and his newly adopted country Australia. In 2008 Mohammed became an Australian Citizen.

Mohammed joined Red Cross as a Volunteer in 2004 and he actively participated in several programs with the organisation. In addition, he has volunteered with the Northcote Unit, SES since 2004.

But that is not the end, as Mohammed continues his passion of volunteering and as a result in 2012 he joined the St. John Ambulance (Moreland Combined Division). He has administrated first aid and hundreds of hours in volunteering with the organisation. Currently he is a Divisional Trainer, a First Responder and a member of the Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT).

Following his compassion to serve his newly adopted country, he also joined the Australian Army Reserve as a Soldier in 2008 and currently serving the Nation with pride. During his service he has deployed on the call of duty in response to Operation VIC Fire Assist 2009 (Black Saturday) to assist the local emergency services and law & enforcement agencies.

In 2013 Mohammed expanded his passion to give back to his community and to make Victoria a safer place. Hence, he took up a career with the VICPOL as a Protective Services Officer (PSO). He is looking forward to his new journey by completing his training at the Police Academy by end of 2013.

Mohammed has been recognised for his selfless devotion to the community and country in 2011 when he was nominated as a finalist for Victorian Young Australian of the Year award. In addition he also got nominated for Australian of the year award 2013. Mohammed was also awarded with a National & State Pride of Australia Medal on 2011 in the fair go category.

His dedication to his volunteer work has also earned him National Meritorious Service Medal from Red Cross, especially for his outstanding contribution during VIC Bush Fires 2009, on the call of duty to respond to a missing person’s search, he also received SES CEO Award in 2010 for his invaluable service to SES and VICPOL and then he received a Soldiers Medallion commendation for his Exemplary Service in 2010 from Army Reserve. Recently Mohammed was awarded National Emergency Medal (NEM) for VIC Fires 2009 and Australian Defence Medal (ADM) for his active service in Army Reserve.

Mohammed is an inspiration to the young Australians and also to the migrants in Australia. He represents as a role model who was not borne here but has devoted his life to serve and protect the welfare & security of his community and country. He is passionate on what he does. He is respected by people who know him for his selfless act, courage, initiative, team work and compassion for humanity.

Mohammed can be described as a volunteer, a humanitarian, a Soldier and a law & enforcement officer. Though he was not born in Australia, he not only has accepted and adopted the culture and the people but also has devoted his life to serve Australia.