Australia Day

26 January 2015

283 days to go

Debra Bateman

Associate Professor Debra Bateman is an enthusiastic and well respected educator at Deakin University, and beyond.

She has been acknowledged for her outstanding contribution to student learning and engagement through a number of prestigious national awards from the Office of Learning and Teaching (previously the Australian Learning and Teaching Council). Debra is committed to providing quality teacher education, and is a frequent commentator on shifts in educational policy.

Her passion centres on the active research she undertakes with schools and teachers, imagining and transforming curriculum and pedagogical practices through an explicit study of how we can best stimulate thinking and practices to shape preferable futures.

In her spare time, Debra is a single mother to two teenagers, following the death of their father in the line of his duty as a policeman back in 2000. She is actively involved in local sports and community organisations such as the Blue Ribbon Foundation. She is honoured to have been invited to be an Australia Day ambassador.