Australia Day

26 January 2015

94 days to go

Henri Szeps

Henri was born in a refugee camp in Switzerland during World War Two. At 11 months old he was fostered out to a wonderful Swiss family, who probably saved his life.

When peace came he was raised intermittently by this family and his now single mother, in Paris. There were a couple of orphanages thrown in.

Henri, his mother and sister came to Australia when he was 7.

He graduated in Science and Electrical Engineering at Sydney University, while studying Acting with Hayes Gordon at the Ensemble Theatre on weekends.

Henri appeared in all the early Australian Television shows - Homicide, Division 4, Skippy. He worked as an actor in England, with Derek Jacoby and Robert Wagner.

He won the Australian Penguin Award for Best Actor in a Mini Series for PALACE OF DREAMS, ABC TV; the Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for CABARET, and a place in Australia's hearts as the BAD SON, ROBBIE, in ABC's iconic Sit Com, MOTHER AND SON, alongside Ruth Cracknell and Gary McDonald.

Henri is married to Mary Ann (44 years!), they have 2 sons and a six month old grandson, Maxie.

In 2001, Henri was awarded an ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL for Services to the Arts and the Community