Australia Day

26 January 2015

93 days to go

Anupam Sharma

Nominated as one of the 50 most powerful & influential professionals in Australian film industry by ENCORE magazine, Anupam Sharma is a film maker, author,  and one of the leading international expert on Indian Entertainment Sector.  Specializing through a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in films, he has written a number of research papers on media & films, along with a thesis (with distinction) on Indian Cinema from the University of NSW - Australia. 

In 2011 Anupam launched with Peter Castaldi an Australian Film Initiative to promote Australian cinema in non traditional markets like Australia, South America, Middle East and North Europe. The initiative had an international launch through Australian Film Festival of India with Frames 2011 supported by Actor/Star Hugh  Jackman and a retrospective of Bill Bennett films. This year the initiative comes to India again much bigger and wider in reach starting from Dehradun and in multiple cities with a Baz Luhrmann retrospective, over 20 Australian films and documentaries,  and an Australian documentary, the only one, on Kiran Bedi – Yes Madam Sir.

Apart from being the chief judge and advisor to Australia’s first reality show on India BOLLYWOOD STAR for SBS (TV), Anupam is currently developing his own feature film, and documentary projects as a director/producer/presenter most of which have received development investment from film bodies. His current slate includes producing DEFIANT being directed by Bill Bennett with development investment from Screen NSW and Screen Australia. “THE FILM” (Developed with assistance from the Screen Australia) written by John Winter,  “An Indian Summer” (semifinalist at Academy Awards/Oscar Script competition) written and directed by Vikram Singh and being produced with John Winter.

He has lead a team of film professionals working on more than 204 projects  which include feature films, TV serials, music videos, consultancy, film festivals, and TV commercials. He has been widely credited in the international media for pioneering the Australian film trade with  India.

Anupam has advised government and private clients, on matters related to Indian cinema. He has also worked on Australian projects in relation to Indian films which include Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, Dept of  Foreign Affairs,  and World Movies among others.  He is the MD of films & casting TEMPLE , an award winning Australian production company working with India, operating from Fox Studios – Sydney. The company has pioneered the biggest government financial tie ups for Indian films in Australia.

Anupam has recently contributed in a book about Globalisation of Bollywood and is also a frequent speaker/guest at various international conferences and TV programs. These include ABC 730 report, Asia Pacific, Channel 9, etc. along with prestigious platforms at SPAA, Arts Gallery of NSW, POWERHOUSE Museum,  FRAMES, and was one of the thirteen young professionals shortlisted in the prestigious “FACE TO WATCH” series by The (SYDNEY) Magazine.